About Plumbing and Renewables Ltd

Plumbing and Renewables Ltd was founded in 2008 based on our own family values; from the envirnomentally Mark Galbraith Image About Plumbing and Renewables Pagesound and technologically advanced products we use to the reliable and trustworthy reputation we have earned in that time. Our brilliant location in the Moray Firth means that we enjoy a client base reaching from Aberdeenshire to the Highlands; we have also been known to travel as far afield as places like Orkney for special projects.

Headed by Mark Galbraith and his partner Jill, Plumbing and Renewables Ltd employ seven professionals, including three talented local plumbers and an apprentice. We are a team who love variety and the challenge of marrying renewable technologies to diverse local properties.


Mark and Jill are keen for their company to continue building on the reputation they have gained and are equally content working at an advisory level as they are at ground level.

Do you have a challenge for us? We would love to hear from you.


After a jet-set career in the RAF as a navigator, Mark trained as a plumber in 2004. His technological skills from the RAF coupled with his love of surfing and the local area are both clearly apparent in Plumbing and Renewables Ltd. Mark is passionate about working with products and systems which support the surrounding environment while using advanced technology to maximise efficiency.

A man of his word, Mark’s own family home is a true reflection of his belief in the products and systems that he works with. He has installed a Windhager 26kW Biowin Excel Hand-feed Boiler and two Grant Sahara Solar Thermal Panels, both of which heat their 250L indirect unvented hot-water cylinder. Mark also has plans to place a hopper in their outhouse and then introduce an auto-feed option to the boiler.

Would you like to know any more about these products and how they were installed? Feel free to contact us directly!

Mark is just as passionate about leading an active lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same. Plumbing and Renewables Ltd as a company registered for this year’s ‘THE BEAST’ http://www.primefourbeastrace.co.uk/, proceeds of which went to Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland. One of his company visions is to offer all employees the chance to take part in regular Pilates’ classes. Plumbing and Renewables employees, you have been warned.

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