Air Source Heat Pump ASHP Installers in Moray

Air Source Heat Pump ASHP Installers in Moray…Findhorn Image Three

Following the previous posts on our Social Networks, that’s another one of our Air Source Heat Pump installations complete and this time it was the Village Centre in the beautiful coastal town of Findhorn on the Moray Coast. As MCS Accredited ASHP Installers we designed, supplied and installed a Mitsibushi’s 14Kw Ecodan ASHP system complete with a 300 Litre Solar Hot Water Cylinder completing our heating design giving the Centre a system which will provide all of their heating and hot water needs.

This installation was a ‘new build/retrofit’ to serve both the new building of this property and the existing areas as well as connecting the circuit to the Solar Thermal and Solar PV. ┬áSo, along with a mix of standard low temperature radiators, this was a little more design work this time around however, this installation will provide the customer with Renewable Heat Incentive Payments as well as peace of mind knowing their heating and hot water needs are provided by a Renewable Technology.

Air Source Heat Pumps are set to become more and more popular as time goes on and although they can be retrofitted to an existing property, ASHP’s are an ideal choice for new property. With the insulation and windows being constructed to modern standards, the new build property benefits from low heat losses even in the coldest of seasons meaning a smaller heat source with a low flow temperature is more suited for efficiency. So if you’d like to know more about Air Source Heat Pumps or enquire about our design service, then please contact Jill, Mark or Steven at our offices in Burghead for a free consultation.


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