Air Source Heat Pump Myths

Air Source Heat Pump Myths

We often come across many assumptions when somebody is considering installing a heat pump.  Here are some examples of what we hear on a regular basis that we hope we can help dispel The Heat Pump Myths…..


Air Source Heat Pump Myth #1. Heat Pumps do not perform well in Scotland.

This is untrue.  We install good quality heat pumps manufactured by Mitsubishi, Dakin and Vaillant that all operate effectively down to -15 degrees C and beyond and are totally capable of dealing with whatever the Scottish weather can throw at them. The key here, as with any heating system, is good design.  The system needs to be well designed, installed and set up correctly to work well.

Installation in Roseisle

Installation in Roseisle, Moray


Air Source Heat Pump Myth #2. Heat pumps are expensive to run.

Untrue. With the risk of repeating ourselves….. good quality products, and good system design are essential! A well sized and thought-out system should be very cost effective to run.  We install heat pumps that are A++ rated giving superb efficiencies. It is true, that if installed in a poorly insulated property, the system will be expensive to run. But the same could be argued for any heating system.


Air Source Heat Pump Myth #3. Radiators cannot be installed with a heat pump.

This is untrue, radiators can work very well with heat pumps with a bit of consideration. Radiators are generally sized to work with high temperature heat sources such as gas or oil boilers. Heat pumps run at much lower temperatures than this therefore the radiators need to be sized accordingly.  This means, as a general rule, they will need to be larger to ensure the heat pump can run effectively and efficiently. Carrying out all the correct specifications to ensure all parts of the system will work well is part of our design process.

A Mitsubishi Ecodan 14kW, installed at the Findhorn Village Centre in 2016

A Mitsubishi Ecodan 14kW, installed at the Findhorn Village Centre in 2016


Air Source Heat Pump Myth #4.  Heat Pumps are only suitable for new build properties.

This is untrue.  It is true that heat pumps work best in well insulated buildings but older buildings that have had some upgrading such as loft insulation, double glazing or cavity wall insulation could be suitable as well.


Air Source Heat Pump Myth #5. Air source heat pumps are noisy.

It is true that the first generations of heat pumps used to be bulky, unattractive and quite noisy.  The latest heat pumps now have noise levels comparable to that of a home refrigerator. Mistubishi have recently launched their new quiet 8.5kw and 11kw heat pumps that, depending on conditions, have noise levels between 18 and a maximum of 40dB.  In experiential terms this equates to the noise of whisper rising to the noise of your local library.

The New Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat Pump

The New Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat Pump


Air Source Heat Pump Myth #6. I can’t afford a Heat Pump.

It is true that installing a heat pump may be more expensive than replacing a traditional oil, gas or LPG boiler. However, quality, well designed heat pump systems could save on your running costs long term.


Financial incentives are also available.  You can apply for the Home Energy Scotland loan for up to £10,000 interest free to help with upfront costs.  The Renewable Heat Incentive has also been an important driver in increasing demand for renewable energy systems.  Applicants receive quarterly payments for seven years based on the amount of energy their renewable heat system produces.  For an air source heat pump installation, based on the current tariffs, you could receive up to £11,000.

Air Source Heat Pump


To find out more about funding options of what the Renewable Heat Incentive could mean to you just contact Jill and the team at and ask for our Step-by-Step guide.

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