Biomass Pellet and Log Boilers

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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are designed to power central-heating systems and hot-water boilers. It’s that easy. They are widely recognised as a sustainable alternative to using oil, electric or gas heating.

Biomass boilers for homes and businesses are fuelled by clean, renewable wood pellets, wood chips or the humble log. They are suitable for most property types which have enough space to store the boiler and its fuel, whether that’s a newly-built home, a more traditional property looking to be upgraded or a business premises.

What can a Biomass Boiler do for me?

  • Help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your reliance on fossil fuel.  Wood is a sustainable energy source and using it to fuel your home is considered to be carbon neutral.
  • Reduce your fuel bills.  Pellets, chips and logs can all be cost effective sources of fuel particularly when utilised with a highly efficient boiler and fully weather compensating controls.
  • Not only that, but the boilers are the result of robust engineering – their efficiency has been fully maximised and they have been designed to last over 20 years.
  • Both home and business owners can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive, please see our funding page for more information.

The high-quality products that we work with meet a range of property needs; including Windhager, Okofen and ETA Boilers. Plumbing and Renewables Ltd are accredited Windhager installers, Team OE approved installers for Okofen Boilers and we also work closely with Dunster Scotland to supply ETA Boilers. Naturally, this results in advantages like true servicing and maintenance expertise, as well as extended warranties in some cases. Due to their success in the UK, the products we work with enjoy large support teams and a wide availability of spare parts.

The Biomass Boilers we install can all be fully controlled via smart-phones and tablets, both Apple and Android versions. Drive home to a warm home; perfection.

If you’d like to know more about the features and benefits of installing a Biomass Boiler or talk to us about our full servicing and maintenance options, then please contact us on 01343 831193 or email us at


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