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We often come across many similar assumptions when somebody is considering installing a biomass boiler system to heat their home.  Here are examples of what we come across on a regular basis that we hope we can help dispel The Biomass Myths …..

Biomass Myths #1. Biomass boilers are dirty and hard work.

The trick really is to install a quality product from a certified and experienced installer.  With well-known Austrian brands such as Windhager, ETA and Okofen automatic cleaning and ash compression are pretty much standard.  Less time with dirty hands means more time to stand back and admire your beautiful new boiler.

Biomass Myths #2. Biomass boilers breakdown a lot.

With the risk of sounding like a broken record ……. Install quality products & engage an experienced installer = minimum hassle! For example we are certified Windhager installers and can give a 7 year warranty on your boiler.  If any problems arise then as well as calling on us to help, Windhager have dedicated engineers that can come out to remedy any issues.  We currently maintain several 7 year old Windhager boilers that haven’t skipped a beat since they were installed.

Biomass Myths #3. Burning wood is not environmentally friendly.

Burning wood is considered a ‘carbon lean’ fuel producing a fraction of the carbon from burning fossil fuels. Although carbon is released when burning the fuel, it is subsequently re-absorbed as the fuel re-grows.  If you would like to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive then the fuel you use in your boiler needs to meet sustainability criteria. This is achieved easily by using a supplier from the Biomass Suppliers list who have demonstrated that their fuel meets a lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions criteria of 60% savings against the EU fossil fuel average.  For further information please go to

Biomass Myths #4.  Using all the trees for fuel will lead to de-forestation.

Again, not true. When using a supplier listed on the Biomass Supplier list, they are obliged to meet sustainability criteria.  In our own home we use Woodlets that are manufactured by Land Energy.  Based in Girvin, Ayrshire, their pellet production plant produces over 100,000 tonnes of pellets per annum.  All of their wood fibre adheres to strict Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards and comes from the local area around the plant.  The plant itself is powered using biomass combined heat & power energy and being based in a port they receive their wood by shipments rather than road haulage further reducing their carbon footprint.  Sustainability on your doorstep.

Biomass Myths #5. I can’t afford a Biomass boiler.

It is true that installing a biomass boiler can be considerably more expensive that replacing a traditional oil, gas or LPG boiler however quality biomass systems can have excellent efficiencies particularly when coupled with weather compensating controls saving you money over your current system in the long term.

Financial incentives are also available.  You can apply for the Home Energy Scotland loan for up to £10,000 interest free to help with upfront costs.  The Renewable Heat Incentive has also been an important driver in increasing demand for renewable energy systems.  Applicants receive quarterly payments for seven years based on the amount of energy their renewable heat system produces.

To find out more about funding options of what the Renewable Heat Incentive could mean to you just download our Step by Step guide by following this link  or contact Jill, Mark or Steven at

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