Orkney Biomass Pellet Boiler Installation

Our Orkney Biomass Pellet Boiler Installation…Biomass Pellet Linklater Orkney

As mentioned in our previous posts, our engineers returned from the Northern Scottish Isles this week having carried out a Biomass Pellet Installation at the Linklater Voice Centre in Orkney. The project involved the usual ferry trips and overnight accommodation while they installed the Voice Centre’s new 26Kw Windhager BioWIN2 Biomass Pellet Boiler in their purpose built plant room complete with Windhager’s MES Package and their 825 litre AccuWIN Accumulator tank.

In addition, we installed two 250 litre unvented hot water cylinders, a pressure booster pump and three 500 litre water storage tanks which completed our office based heating design to provide their heating and hot water requirements. This was an installation which kept our engineers busy in the timeframe they had however, as you’ll see from the images, they did have time to take in some of the scenery including Orkney’s beautiful Coast.

So a thank you to all at the Linklater Voice Centre for their hospitality and we hope you enjoy your new Biomass Heating System. If any readers would like to know more about renewable heating and hot water systems or the funding available, then please contact us on info@plumbingandrenewables.co.uk or phone our Burghead Offices on 01343 831193…

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