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Renewable energies are now the source of Moray Coast Vets’ entire heating and hot-water needs. Goodbye costly old oil-boilers, hello to a completely sustainable heating and hot-water source. Kudos to a forward-thinking local business.

Technical Details:

Following a detailed survey, Plumbing and Renewables Ltd selected a highly reliable, robust and easily maintainable Okofen boiler to cope with the high-energy use required to keep the animals and surgeries warm year round. The boiler boasts an efficiency of 95% and modulates to only 15kW when there is a lower call for heat during the summer.

Running Costs and Incentives:

The system cost £30,000 to install and Moray Coast Vets can expect around £140,000 return over a 20-year period through the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. They will also be saving 45,000kg per year in CO2 emissions now that they have converted from the oil boilers.  Fantastic.

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