Okofen PES 32 in Aberdeenshire

Okofen PES 32 in Aberdeenshire

By Steven Birnie…

Following our previous posts on our Social Networks about the Okofen PES 32 in Aberdeenshire, we’ve now received pictures of the install from our Engineers and it’s ready to be commissioned. The OkofenDewhurst Image Six Autofed Pellet Boiler has been sited in the customer’s garage along with the Pellet Store and connected to the customer’s existing hot water cylinder making this a very neat and compact install.

Now that the ageing LPG Boiler has been decommissioned and removed, this customer will now have their heating and hot water needs provided by a fuel efficient heat source complete with weather compensation controls and payback through the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. So, please find the image as attached and if you have any questions about Renewable Technologies including Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal or Traditional Oil and Gas systems, please call Jill or Steven at our offices in Burghead…


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