Longcrook: Proving Renewable Technology, Whatever the Weather

Derry’s Longcrook development in Aberlour received significant publicity when it was first built back in 2016-17 and was featured in several articles, including this one in i-buildmagazine.com, due to the renewable technologies that the family had embraced. The house features 4 Grant Sahara solar panels and a Kensa 21kW Hybrid ground source heat pump to provide 100% of the heating and hot water requirements for the building. This was Plumbing and Renewables Ltd’s first ground source heat pump installation and a really positive experience for all involved. But now, more than 2 years on from the build, with Derry and his family having lived in the house for all that time, what has life been like for them and how have they found living with this renewable technology?

Well we are pleased to report that it is all going swimmingly and the once stark (not to mention muddy!) building site is now a warm and cosy home. Derry is particularly impressed with the Solar Thermal. The house has a very large hot water cylinder due to future plans of converting the building into an up-market guest house and the system provides copious amounts of hot water day and night.

Likewise, the ground source heat pump proves to be super-efficient and warms the house up really well; providing the constant temperature desired year-round with no adjusting of settings or thermostats. So far as ease-of-use goes, this couldn’t be simpler!

Lastly, is should be noted how exposed Longcrook is. If any house can prove the doubters who say that a heat pump cannot work in Scotland wrong, then Derry’s can! The system works perfectly day-in, day-out, on this exposed and cold location.

Derry continues to enjoy his house and the satisfyingly low heating and hot water costs. He is also receiving quarterly payments from the Domestic(RHI) which, over 7 years, will see him get back about £20,000. Add the associated fuel saving costs and Derry is in no doubt that he made the right decision to go with renewable technology. And Plumbing and Renewables Ltd continue to fit ground source heat pumps, delivering low cost, renewable heating solutions to more homes, along with all the invaluable experience gained along the way.


If you would like to switch to renewable heating and hot water systems, please visit our website www.plumbingandrenewables.co.uk, or drop us a line at info@plumbingandrenewables.co.uk.


For more information regarding Renewable Heat Incentives visit https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/environmental-programmes/domestic-renewable-heat-incentive.



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