Reflections on a Sunny Morning

Reflections on a Sunny Morning.

I sneaked out for quick jog along the beach this morning before succumbing to the inevitable torrent of emails, phone calls and long list of jobs.  We are very fortunate that our home and office look out over the bay and across the Moray Firth.  The sun was shining, the fishing boats were all heading out for the day and the distant snow-capped Renewable Energieshills looked idyllic in the background.  It is the colours on the Moray coast that always surprise me, the pale golden sands set against the blue sky and the rich green pine forest. As I ran through the forest and turned onto the beach heading back for home I noticed that our solar panels were already in full sunshine and I felt very grateful that all of our hot water needs for the day were already being looked after by a renewable energy. We have spent a lot of time, effort and money upgrading our old house:  insulating walls; new windows; and installing our own renewable energies such as our solar thermal panels and pellet boiler …. The list goes on.  We feel it has been worth it. We remain heavily reliant on diminishing and polluting fuel sources, and I fear we are not taking enough care for our future generations.  What will our children think of us in a few decades time? Will they look back in despair at our unwillingness to change our habits and do our little bit for the environment.  We live in such a beautiful place, let’s do what we can to keep it that way.

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