Renewable Energy Funding

Around 80% of our clients currently benefit from government funding, and why shouldn’t you.  Because it’s complicated?

We have a lot of experience in this area; that’s why we’re sharing our ‘Step-by-Step Guide to financial incentives for renewable heat installations’. Naturally, this applies to both homes and businesses. So, how can the guide help you?

  • Find out about the Renewable Heat Incentive and eligibility criteria
  • Follow links to Scottish Home Loan interest-free loans
  • Work out how much you might get back from your renewable heat installation

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We have also put together some of the most current and informative online resources on funding for renewable energy solutions, just for you.

We would also be happy to talk you through them; you’re welcome to call us directly.

Renewable energies are now the source of Moray Coast Vet’s entire heating and hot-water needs. Goodbye costly old oil boilers, hello to a completely sustainable heating and hot-water source. Kudos to a forward-thinking local business....

Renewable Energy and Funding

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Step by Step