Renewable Heating Designs

Renewable Heating Designs

By Steven Birnie…

With the rise of household fuel bills and the government’s target for cutting the UK’s Carbon Emissions, having an efficient system for heating and for providing hot water to the home is more important than ever before however, even installing a new state of the art renewable product can be a costly and fruitless project if the system hasn’t beenWright Photos (2) designed or sized correctly. As MCS Accredited Installers, we carry out our own in-house renewable heating designs whether it be Biomass, Heat Pumps or Traditional Oil and Gas to ensure our systems suit the specific property and deliver high fuel efficiency.

From the initial survey of the property to the commissioning of the system, we design, specify, supply and install all of our renewable systems taking into account the size of rooms, wall constructions and insulation standards for the heating and, the water pressures, pipe runs and occupancy of the property for the hot water demand. Taken together and utilising the MCS Heat Loss Calculator, we can specify the correct system to suit the property’s requirements and include systems such as solar thermal panels to ensure a customer is given the system which will deliver a warm and fuel efficient home cutting fuel bills and help to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

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