Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Design, Supply and Installation Service

You only need to take note during your Sunday drive around the Moray-Firth to realise that Solar Thermal Panels are a common and well-recognised source of heating water for private homes. Even in Scotland (and yes, even this year!) Solar Thermal Panels can power up to 60% of your home’s hot water needs without touching energy from the national grid or Gas network. Not only does that save in carbon emissions but, after considering your initial investment, your pocket too.

All we would do is mount solar collectors to the roof of your house, in a south-facing direction where possible. The collectors contain anti-freeze solution which carries the heat through copper pipes and into the heat coil exchanger in your hot-water cylinder. Bingo!

Solar Thermal Panels are suitable for new build properties or for retro fits where a traditional boiler exists. Solar thermal can be teamed up with other renewable energies such as an Air Source Heat Pump or Biomass Boiler.

At Plumbing and Renewables Ltd, we are qualified and experienced in a wide range of roof-mounted solar collectors. We are so confident in the technology, we have them installed on the roof of our own family home.

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