Sanday, Orkney

Solar Thermal Renewable Energy


We are also proud of our work on older and smaller properties. On the beautiful island on Sanday, Orkney, we installed a biomass pellet boiler and solar thermal system.  End result: a charming, periodic cottage operating off grid with an efficient and modern heating system.

Installation Details:

Anna & Giles, the owners, specifically chose an Okofen boiler through recommendations from friends and for their excellent reputation for engineering and longevity.  With minimal maintenance and full automation, they can easily leave their home for work spells abroad safe in the knowledge they will return to warm and comfortable home. They can even control their heating from anywhere in the world using an app on their phones 0r tablet.

Running Costs and Incentives:

Anna and Giles employed a £10,000 interest-free Scottish Home Renewables Loan to help pay the upfront costs or their biomass system and a further £5,000 loan for their solar thermal system.  Over a period of 7 years they will also receive over £16,000 in Renewable Heat Incentives.  With high boiler efficiencies and fully weather compensating control fitted, their running costs will be kept to an absolute minimum.

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