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What is a Heat Pump?

Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps can be a really effective, efficient and environmentally sound way to heat your home.  In really simple terms, heat pumps transfer low grade heat (in this case from the air or from the ground) into high temperature heat for use in your home.  They only use a small amount of energy to do this and for every 1kW of electricity that is used by the heat pump, it can create between 3 and 4kW of energy for your heating system.


Why would you want a heat pump?

Low Running Costs

A well designed, installed and maintained heat pump system can be up to 400% efficient. Less energy consumption = lower running costs.  Heat pumps can be cheaper than many other heating systems to run.   Please get in touch and we will help you work out what you could save.

Environmental Benefits

We all know we are in a climate emergency, this is an opportunity to do something about it. Using less energy = less greenhouse gases = happier planet. 

This table shows the amount of CO2 that can be saved by switching to a heat pump.

Table from NIBE on CO2 savings …….
Biomass | Plumbing & Renewables Graph
Switching to an energy supplier that only utilities energy from renewable sources only helps this matter further.

Warm and Cosy Home

You tell us how warm you would like your house to be, and we can recommend a system to do the job. Heat pumps are a brilliant partner for underfloor heating, but they also work well radiators and convector heaters and can offer comfortable, stable temperatures.

Low Maintenance

Pretty much a fit and forget technology. A simple annual service is all that is required. With a long warranties ranging from 5-10 years for parts and labour, you can just get on with life without worrying about it.  We offer hassle free service & maintenance. 

Financial Help

Installation costs might not be as much as you might think, help is available! Whilst systems can cost more than replacing an oil or gas boiler there are interest free loans and payback schemes to help. Our page on financial incentives will point you in the right direction.

Air Source or Ground Source?

Good question.  We are happy to talk it through and find the solution that suits you, and your home best.

We would love to hear from you, please contact us to see how we can help. 
Air & Ground Heat Source Pumps