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What is a Biomass Boiler?

Biomass boilers are designed to power central-heating systems and heat hot water cylinders. It’s that easy. They are fuelled by clean, renewable wood pellets, wood chips or the humble log & suitable for many types of homes and businesses.

Why would you want one?

Warm and Cosy Homes

As a high temperature heat source, biomass boilers are really well suited to keeping hard to heat homes cosy. Does getting out from under the duvet feel a real chore in winter? A lot of our housing stock is old and can be really cold. This renewable energy will get you warm and keep you warm!

Environmentally Sustainable

The environmental principles behind burning wood for fuel has become a hotly debated issue in the media. Wood fuel CAN be environmentally friendly.  We are lucky to have producers in Scotland that meet strong sustainability criteria.  Like to read more about it?  Scottish pellet producer Woodlets can help. 

Financial Help

The financial incentives available can help with both the upfront costs and provide a payback scheme, our page on the incentives will help guide you. 

Wood Heating with no Hassles

Like the sound of wood heating but you don’t want to be constantly sourcing, chopping and storing wood?  Let us talk through the different types of systems and find one to suit your space, budget and lifestyle that can be as hands on, or hands off, as you like.

Easy, Reliable Aftercare

We have this covered.  Long warranties, well engineered products & excellent reliability. Our dedicated maintenance service gives peace of mind you will be well looked after.

Want to find out More?

Please contact us, we would love to hear from you.