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Heating System Overhaul…. Think About a Heat Pump

Heating system in need of an overhaul? Should you consider a heat pump? Definitely. Let me paint a picture and see if any of the scenarios are familiar ….. Your old oil or gas boiler is not as reliable as it once was, and replacement costs are looming OR Your electric heating is a costing [...]

Why chose an MCS accredited company to install your heat pump?

Why chose an MCS accredited company to install your heat pump? At Plumbing and Renewables we are MCS accredited, but what are the benefits to the consumer in using a company like us? Installing a heat pump into a property could be carried out by most decent plumbers in a couple of days work, so […]

Air Source Heat Pump Myths

We often come across many assumptions when somebody is considering installing a heat pump.  Here are some examples of what we hear on a regular basis that we hope we can help dispel The Heat Pump Myths….. Air Source Heat Pump Myth #1. Heat Pumps do not perform well in Scotland. This is untrue.  We […]

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! Biomass Servicing on Sanday.

The island of Sanday in Orkney is known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It is also the home of Anna & Gilles, for whom Plumbing and Renewables Ltd first installed an Okofen PES12 vacuum fed pellet boiler and 2 x Grant Sahara Solar Thermal panels back in 2015. These both fed a […]

Our Low Cost Biomass Pellet Boiler Installations

Following our recent posts about our installation of the new Okofen Easypell, we now have the images of the fully commissioned system. This Boiler is Okofen’s ‘high quality low cost’ model which is built in Austria and as you’ll see from the image, this unit has been neatly installed in our customer’s garage for ease […]

Our upcoming Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Ground Source Heat Pumps – We’re in the process of designing and specifying a new Ground Source System for a customer and this time we’re looking at the Kensa Heat Pump to suit this property’s needs. This will be a new build project and the installation will be carried out in stages over the next […]

Orkney Biomass Pellet Boiler Installation

As mentioned in our previous posts, our engineers returned from the Northern Scottish Isles this week having carried out a Biomass Pellet Installation at the Linklater Voice Centre in Orkney. The project involved the usual ferry trips and overnight accommodation while they installed the Voice Centre’s new 26Kw Windhager BioWIN2 Biomass Pellet Boiler in their […]

Air Source Heat Pump ASHP Installers in Moray

Following the previous posts on our Social Networks, that’s another one of our Air Source Heat Pump installations complete and this time it was the Village Centre in the beautiful coastal town of Findhorn on the Moray Coast. As MCS Accredited ASHP Installers we designed, supplied and installed a Mitsibushi’s 14Kw Ecodan ASHP system complete […]

Reflections on a Sunny Morning

I sneaked out for quick jog along the beach this morning before succumbing to the inevitable torrent of emails, phone calls and long list of jobs.  We are very fortunate that our home and office look out over the bay and across the Moray Firth.  The sun was shining, the fishing boats were all heading […]

Biomass Myths

We often come across many similar assumptions when somebody is considering installing a biomass boiler system to heat their home.  Here are examples of what we come across on a regular basis that we hope we can help dispel The Biomass Myths ….. Biomass Myths #1. Biomass boilers are dirty and hard work. The trick […]