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Cosy at Cornhill

At Cornhill, a full-scale new build installation, we were able to combine advanced plumbing expertise with the latest in renewable technologies. Result: a brand new, intelligently-designed and very warm family home with low running costs. Installation Details: An ETA SH20 Log Gasification Boiler 2000L Akvaterm Accumulator Tank ESBE weather compensation controls Two Panel Grant Solar [...]

Sanday, Orkney

We are also proud of our work on older and smaller properties. On the beautiful island on Sanday, Orkney, we installed a biomass pellet boiler and solar thermal system.  End result: a charming, periodic cottage operating off grid with an efficient and modern heating system. Installation Details: 12kW Okofen fully automatic pellet boiler 2 panel Grant solar thermal [...]


Derry’s Longcrook development in Aberlour received significant publicity when it was first built back in 2016-17 and was featured in several articles, including this one in i-buildmagazine.com, due to the renewable technologies that the family had embraced. The house features 4 Grant Sahara solar panels and a Kensa 21kW Hybrid ground source heat pump to provide [...]

Roseisles Roasting

An accredited Air Source Heat Pump combined with a specialist hot-water system and solar thermal panels. This new house at Roseisle is equipped with new, environmentally-friendly technologies. What’s not to like? On consultation with our client, Mr Chapman, we selected a Thermal Panel System to heat water (and pre-heat it on cooler days) to be [...]