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Cosy at Cornhill


At Cornhill, a full-scale new build installation, we were able to combine advanced plumbing expertise with the latest in renewable technologies. Result: a brand new, intelligently-designed and very warm family home with low running costs.

Installation Details:

  • An ETA SH20 Log Gasification Boiler
  • 2000L Akvaterm Accumulator Tank
  • ESBE weather compensation controls
  • Two Panel Grant Solar Thermal System
  • Underfloor heating and radiator system
  • New bathrooms

The state of the art ETA boiler and accumulator tank, combined with a two-panel Solar Thermal System were specifically selected to meet the heating space and hot water needs of the property. We incorporated the full weather compensation system to provide even greater efficiency and control.

We also designed and installed the property’s underfloor heating, the radiator system and the bathrooms, all of which we knew would perfectly complement the renewable technologies as well as the character of the new house.

Running Costs and Incentives:

With access to free wood and sunshine, the running costs are almost negligible. The owners are entitled to Renewable Heat Incentive payments from the government.