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What is It?

From Sunshine to Hot Water. You only need to take note during your Sunday drive around the Moray-Firth to realise that Solar Thermal systems are a common and well-recognised source of heating water for private homes. Even in Scotland Solar Thermal Panels can power up to 60% of your home’s hot water needs.  Generally 2-3 panels are mounted on your roof, they absorb the heat from the sun and use it to heat up your water stored in your hot water cylinder.  Truly renewable.

Why Would I want it?

Free Hot Water

From Spring through to Autumn, the majority of your hot water will be heated for free!

Cut your Carbon Emissions

The average UK household could save in the region of 400kg of carbon per year by having solar thermal installed.

Financial Incentives

Systems are more affordable than you may think and there are financial incentives to help, please see our page on financial incentives for more information. 

Perfect Heating System Partner

Solar thermal can fit in with the majority of heating systems including gas and oil boilers and is a brilliant way to increase the benefits of other renewable heat systems.  Ideally you just need a bit of south facing roof space and to give us a call.

Hassle Free Maintenance and Long Life Span

Almost fit and forget, with a bit of regular servicing this system should easily last you 20 years. Our dedicated service and maintenance team can make looking after the system completely hassle free.

Would you like to know more?

We would love to hear from you, please contact us.